How the Bible and Everyday Life Blend Together

When one considers the plethora of Bibles, commentaries, religious reference books, and websites, it’s easy to experience data overload.  So much information, on so many topics, by so many authors, from so many organizations, all with so many different interpretations.  You feel as though you must become a Biblical scholar just to decipher all of the information being presented to you.

Fear not.

While we are encouraged to study Biblical texts to increase our understanding and, thus, our faith, we are not called on to become experts.  Solomon encouraged us to seek wisdom to gain understanding (Prov 1:2) and it is from the Lord that we receive this wisdom and understanding (Prov 2:6).

Why is obtaining wisdom so important to our daily lives?  Prov 3:17; 4:6 say that it can make your life pleasant, it protects you, and leads you safely through it.  Wisdom will also make you great and bring you honor (Prov 4:8); it is more valuable than jewels (Prov 8:11) and precious metals (Prov 16:16);

So, how is this relevant to our everyday life?  With faith comes God’s blessings and gifts.  One of His gifts is wisdom – “embrace it” says Solomon in Proverbs 4:8.  Wisdom then leads to understanding, about all kinds of issues, one of which is how to lead a more godly life.  By taking these lessons of wisdom and applying them to your life, you begin to develop the skills and knowledge to handle situations that life throws your way.

For example, if tragedy strikes your family, how you handle the situation from a Biblical perspective will be entirely different than if you let secular emotions control your response.  Your Biblical study led you to gain wisdom.  It also leads you a better comprehension of how we are to understand life’s circumstances.  To address the issue of tragedy, you would have learned that God provides us challenges so that, in overcoming these challenges, we gain endurance, the mental toughness to forge through anything that life throws our way (Jam 1:2-4).  Another reason we go through trials is so that, through that experience, we gain the ability to help others who will go through similar trials in their future(2Corin 1:4).

This is just one example of how the Bible and everyday life blend together.  See if you can think of more examples that apply to your life and share your discoveries with others.

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